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About Us

3 Minute Mingle is the new way to meet, talk and connect with interesting people.

We offer Mingles for both Singles and Business.

We provide a comfortable upscale environment at all of our events.
Events may include drinks or lite appetizers or both. Please see individual event details for what is included with each event.

For our singles events we do our best to provide equal numbers of men and women however we do not guarantee equal numbers of men and women.

The idea behind 3 Minute Mingle is to provide a nice atmosphere for small groups of people to meet and mingle.
We want everyone to meet each other. This is why we keep the events relatively small. Mingle events range from eight people to over 40.
Guests may have the opportunity to meet and mingle before during and after each event.

Note: We sometimes change the format of the Mingle events to a Cocktail Party event. We do this when we do not have equal numbers of men and women.  These events are a casual cocktail party atmosphere where we do not ring the bell every three minutes. We let people Mingle at their own pace and can set up introductions when requested.

We look forward to seeing you at a 3 Minute Mingle event.

Remember to arrive on time with a smile and be ready to Mingle! :-)

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